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Guest Experience Managers - Our G.E.Ms

Your Business + Our Proven Short-Stay Model

For many years, we've successfully managed properties and developed a proven model to ensure you receive the returns you deserve. Our aim is to equip you with the necessary tools and knowledge to excel. When you become a Guest Experience Manager (G.E.M) with MyStays, you're not just an employee; you have the opportunity to run your own business, supported by our experienced and well-established organisation. When you're ready to move on, you'll have a viable enterprise you can sell.

At MyStays, we don't view our G.E.Ms as mere numbers. We take pride in ensuring that you not only enjoy what you do but also that our partnership is mutually beneficial.

Are you the next G.E.M?

Are you passionate about your work and dedicated to delivering exceptional experiences for holiday house guests? You understand that the small details matter and take pleasure in receiving rave reviews from both guests and property owners.

At MyStays, we truly understand the effort you put into your role as a Guest Experience Manager. As a G.E.M at MyStays, you'll receive support from our experienced team to develop and manage your very own Holiday Home portfolio. We are currently looking for individuals who excel in providing the utmost care to their guests and holiday homeowners throughout New Zealand.

Sound Like You?

Reach out today to get your hands on our G.E.M.'s ebook, packed with compelling reasons to explore a partnership with MyStays.

Taken Care Of Our Partnership for Success

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Work With Us

MyStays places a high importance on our partnership with GEMs, with a focus on prioritising your support and success. While we adhere to specific standards and procedures, there's no limit to the potential for expanding your business.

Got a question?

At MyStays, we know that becoming a GEM comes with questions. Our FAQs resource provides answers to commonly asked questions.