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Our Comprehensive Short-Stay Services

We mean it when we say you can drop off your keys and we’ll take care of the rest. We manage all types of properties, covering all group sizes and budgets, across these core services.

Our Key Offering for Your Success in the Market

The MyStays team keep it simple for you and utilises our skills and processes in four key areas to ensure the success of your Short-Stay Property. 

Listings & Marketing

From creating listings on various booking sites to marketing your property on the correct channels, our team knows what works best when it comes to maximising your rates and occupancy.

Booking Management & Guest Communications

Once a booking is made, we will ensure there is clear and personalised communication for your guests prior to their arrival, as well as responding to requests.  

Cleaning & Presentation

Our GEMs ensure all properties are set up for the arrival of guests, including taking care of any special requests. GEMs are also available for guests 24/7 during their stay, and a post-departure check is always completed on the day your guests leave.

Property Maintenance

From routine upkeep to urgent repairs, our GEMs are able to organise and oversee all aspects of property maintenance through accredited providers.  

Exceeding Your Expectations

Because we are extremely knowledgeable about local markets, and the difference they can make when marketing a property, we’re able to maximise revenue and occupancy rates - resulting in a high level of return for you. 

We do this by:

  • Setting minimum stays (from two nights to longer during peak periods).
  • Using an automated revenue management system, it updates every ten minutes, 24/7, to guarantee you’re getting the best rates possible.
  • Professional recommendations for how to best prepare your property to capture a diverse market.
  • Continually reviewing and updating your listing to maintain its online presence.
  • Working closely with Online Travel Agents (OTAs).
  • Providing all-inclusive rates to increase booking conversions.

Preparing Your Property For Profit

From maximising occupancy and providing your guests with the best experience possible, we truly understand the benefits of careful presentation. 

The ‘little touches’ matter, things such as lights and heating on for their arrival and security upgrades that allow for seamless entry into a property - and as part of our service offering, we’re always available to help support you with this process. 

MyStays littledetails

These elements not only add up to ensuring you earn five-star reviews for your property, but they are to protect you and your home too. Digital locks minimise lost or misplaced keys, as well as keep your property off-limits after the stay. Triple sheeting means your beds are kept as clean and as hygienic as possible. Putting your personal belongings away means guests won’t feel as though they are staying in someone else’s home, enhancing their overall experience. 

Short-stay accommodation is a competitive market, but we know what can make a difference to help your property stand out from the rest, for all the right reasons.

Find out how we can help you prepare and maximise your property income.

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