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Things to do in New Zealand, places to see, memories to make

Whether you're looking to discover local activities, indulge in unique activities, or savour culinary delights, MyStays opens the door to a world of possibilities. Make the most of your stay by choosing from an array of handpicked experiences that promise to enhance your visit and create lasting memories. Your MyStays adventure begins here, where comfort meets curated enjoyment. 
Enjoy New Zealand - you have things to do, places to see, experiences to be had, and memories to make.

Local Recommendations 

As a proudly New Zealand-owned and operated company, we have dedicated GEMs in every region we serve. We're your go-to source for insider knowledge on how to have a fantastic time, the best dining spots, hidden gems, local hiking trails, and family-friendly activities in each region. If you're seeking local insights to enhance your holiday, just let us know. We're more than happy to assist and handle all the details for you.

Private Chefs

Are you looking to elevate your dining experience while staying in your MyStays holiday home? We have an array of exceptional private chefs across New Zealand, and we can assist you in booking one to prepare a delectable three-course meal while you relax in the company of friends, sipping on delicious wine. If you're interested in honing your culinary skills, consider a gourmet cooking lesson led by talented local chefs. They'll guide you through various cooking techniques before treating your group to a mouthwatering three-course meal.

Beauty Services

Want to add a touch of glamour or pamper yourself and your friends during your getaway? Don't hesitate to ask our local GEMs for their top recommendations for divine facials, on-site massage therapists who can come directly to you, or the best local hair and makeup artists to help you look and feel amazing.

Group Activities

New Zealand is renowned for its breathtaking scenery and epic activities, making it a dream destination for all. If you're looking to arrange a memorable activity for your family, friends, or corporate group, we can point you in the right direction to create lasting memories. Whether you're interested in boat charters, helicopter tours, guided hikes, or mountain biking excursions, we have connections with numerous local operators who are ready to serve you.

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